About Us

Our Story

The Company’s activities are closely related to the trading of various crypto-currencies for more than six years. Starting with Bitcoin, and ending with the most famous crypto-currencies, we constantly improve our business. The main currencies traded by the company are Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, and Bitcoin.

The major part of the trading goes for the first three currencies. Bitcoin has long been not the main traded currency, since the process requires more and more technical and production costs each time, and the amount of produced currency is getting smaller. Nevertheless, it is the most expensive and the most popular currency nowadays, that’s why we keep trading it.

At the moment, we have created an investment program that provides investors with a business plan that allows them to earn due to the company’s activities in the field of trading. We have a constant income, which allows us and our partners to constantly improve ourselves.



  • MAR 2005

    Successfully started operating all over Europe and beyond providing quality services to individuals who want their money managed by our team of experts. Announced improvement in returns and a consecutive increase in a space of three weeks.

  • OCT 2009

    Started managing millions per individual and amounted to having 10,000 clients all invested and getting paid pensively or long term purposes.

  • AUG 2011

    Successfully starts investing in all profitable commodities including stocks and assets. Focusing mainly on foreign exchange this improvement was a trademark move that other companies discovered later.

  • MAY 2014

    Announces successfully signing up 100,000 clients, who are actively invested and earning persively or compounding this proved Bit Pixel had a reliable working system

  • FEB 2016

    Announces investment in cryptocurrencies offering great returns which further attracts the eyes of enthusiasts. The investment proves to be another power move other companies came to imitate

  • MAY 2017

    A major breakthrough in representing client in the financial world Bit Pixel Lunches one of the largest trading companies and starts trading for individuals who invest in their system with their Coins to earn more exponentially.



Faster Speed
Of Transaction

The Bit Pixel Wallet is a gateway to decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to hold and secure Cryptro

Our founders’ obsession with always delivering something better has led us on a unique journey. Today we are building companies that people love and which make a difference. We’ve built market-leading positions in tax-efficient investment, smaller company financing, renewable energy and healthcare. But no matter how big we get, we’ll keep doing the simple things well and keep looking after each of our customers, day in, day out.

How Trading works

We are trading cryptocurrencies in our own office. The price, consumption and delivery time frames are protected by smart contracts. It means your profit is 3 times higher than with other trading services.

Optimizing your profit

We all know that altcoins trading is giving higher trading returns, but their prices fluctuation on exchanges puts your income at risk. Our team of professional portfolio managers will take care about altcoins conversion to bitcoin, by better market prices, than you can get on retail exchange market. Better conversion prices are achieved by limit orders places on institutional cryptocurrency exchanges with lower spreads.

Official registration Bit Pixel

The main goal and priority for us is reliability, stability and long-term. All these factors can provide only a legal and absolutely legitimate approach to doing business.

That is why the company Bit Pixel has an official registration and all legal documents and permits for doing business.

We are officially registered in the UK, our main office is at: Exchange Flags Liverpool Merseyside, United Kingdom, L2 3YL. The company’s registration number is 11678146. We strive to meet high quality standards and create only the best conditions for our customers.

  1. Official registration of the company taking into account all legal norms and laws of Great Britain. Official documents can be found in the register of companies Company House.
  2. Transparent actions by our company testify to the pledge of long and successful relations between the company and its clients.
  3. We set a high level of quality of service and customer service. We are constantly developing and striving to improve our performance.